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  • Image of take me down to the paradise city
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Seriously stunning hunter green kimono! Ultra luxe quality velvet burnout with gorgeous hand beading throughout. Beautiful art deco floral pattern. Silk fishnet fringe drips down front opening all along hemline and under sleeves.
An effortless, year round piece that can be dressed up or down and treasured for many years to come!

One Size
Bust goes up to 44"
shoulder 20"
Length including fringe 50"

Rayon Velvet Burnout
Silk Fringe
Dry Clean

The velvet burnout process, or "Dévoré" as it is also referred, is achieved by applying an acid to a natural, protein fiber (silk) and natural non-protein fiber (rayon). The acid "burns out" the non-protein fiber leaving only the sheer woven silk and hence, creating elaborate and intricate designs. This fabrics is of the highest quality, and is very expensive to manufacture.
The art deco designs on the shawls used to make these beauties are based on 1920s prints and give an amazing stained glass glow when backlit. The silk part of the fabric becomes very sheer, almost transparent. Often referred to as "wearable art", I promise that once you lay your hands on one of these, you will not ever want to take it off.

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